Production Band

SAMPLEThis department performs sampling works in accordance with customer demands with professional personnel and machinery equipped with latest technology. Also prepares the patterns and samples of the models that are not being produced upon orders.

MODEL – PATTERNThis department prepares patterns of the models in demanded dimensions, in accordance with the details, without faults by making use of high technology (DesingCad system).

SEWING WORKSHOPAll the machinery used in this department are pneumatic and with thread cleaning feature.

CUTTING DEPARTMENTThe spreaders and cutters in this department aim to reach the maximum point in fabric use.

FABRICThe fabrics received for production are delivered to the cutting department after they are controlled in their own control machinery. Here, also washing and shrinking tests are performed.

IRONINGQuality control in each and all steps of production is performed in accordance with the standards. Besides, Roxelan, as a company accepted ecological production phenomena as a principle, does not use chemicals harmful to the environment and human health in any step of production.